14 Tips on How to Increase Your Property Sales Tenfold

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1. Improve Your Property Sales-Copy writing Skills:

You probably have heard this before but I’m going to repeat it anyway, content is king in the online marketing world. To be able to produce high quality website content you must have great copy writing skills. Effective property marketing content requires superb writing skills because great content creates a royal customer base.

You need to be an expert SEO copy writer because SEO copy writing sells property on the internet. You wouldn’t be on page one of search engine results if your SEO is horrible. Yes, being on the top of search engine sells. A good internet marketer will have great copy writing skills and SEO killer instincts.

Tip: Taking a course on SEO copy writing is highly advisable. It will help you improve your writing skills. Always look for ways to improve your writing skills. There is writing and there is writing well.

2. Study Your Competition:

Know what you competition is up to. Study the competition to uncover their marketing technique, tricks and tactics. If they have better marketing methods than yours, work hard to improve on their good sales formulae. Yes, better their marketing methods instead of copying them. Use the internet to research on you competition. How are they writing their sales copy? Which keywords are they using? Are their articles SEO? This is what we call marketing intelligence.

3. Conduct a SWOT analysis:

Conduct a SWOT analysis of your property marketing strategy. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will highlight opportunities for topics, headlines, categories and content. After the analysis refine your property marketing strategy to increase sales.

4. Master your messaging:

Want to write convincing copy. Before you write your article ask yourself why you would want to buy the property you are selling. What are the benefits would you enjoy out of the property if you had to buy it your self? Why should the buyer do business with you? List reasons why a customer should buy the property from you before you start writing your copy.

5. Qualify your prospect fast:

The biggest weakness of sales people is wasting time on a prospect who will never buy from them. A good sales person will always have a written set of criteria for qualifying prospects very fast to avoid wasting time on hopeless customers.

6. Sell Your Property to Prospect who really want it:

Make prospects know and understand that they needy the property you are selling to him or her. Let the prospect feel that you are helping them instead of selling to them. Your job is to motivate your prospective client to want to purchase the property but not to sell to them. Motivated buyers will buy very fast without wasting your sales time. Think about how you can help customers reach their goals.

7. Sell your property to a prospect you don’t like:

Many sales people don’t like moving out of their comfort zones. They want to sell to friendly prospects and avoid difficult customers. Learn how to deal with problematic clients and your sales will move a notch higher because it leaves you highly motivated. You must commit to breaking through your comfort zone.

8. Sell to the voice mail:

Most sales people will tell you that property clients put your calls to the voice mail. Every time you try to call them, you get the voice mail to deal with. The solution to this problem is to sell the benefits of the property to the voice. Every time you call give one benefit to the client through the voice mail. Narrate all the benefits through the voice mail.

9. Become a storyteller:

When selling property make your presentation a story telling session. And then sell the property through the story. It is boring to the clients when all that you can talk about is pure business and no humor or fun. Tell a story related to what you’re selling to entertain the customer. Tell stories rich in descriptive detail. Talk of your past customers who are now enjoying good lives through your help. Successes sell success. Make them laugh and they will buy from you.

10. Ask for the business:

Force the prospect to make simple commitments softly early on to gauge their likelihood of positive outcome. You don’t want to waste time. Learn how to ask for what you are looking for-a sale. Without hesitating ask for the order.

11. Learn to answer the all important question in your presentations, “so what.”

Clients will always asking, so what? What is there for me? How do I benefit from it? Even before the clients ask, learn to answer these question in your sales presentation to save time.

12. Sell benefits not property features:

Never dwell on the features of the property, clients always buy benefits. Learn to sell product benefits to your prospects.

13. Customer Follow up:

Most sales are made after you follow up your potential customers. Many prospects don’t buy on your first encounter with them. They buy on the your third or fourth visit to them. Remember, persistence pays. If you stop asking for the business, you won’t get any.

14. Set Sales Goals:

Success belongs to those who set sales goals. Set goals that are specific, measurable and attainable. Then work hard to achieve you set goals.

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How Important Is a Good Property Sales Brochure?

When selling a house, the printed property sales brochure should be fundamental to your property marketing strategy. Alas, all too often many vendors do not think of the brochure as a ‘pro-active sales tool’ and they simply regard it as nothing more than a point of reference for prospective buyers, giving them room dimensions and an idea of what the property looks like along with the estate agent’s details on should they wish to make an offer. Many vendors do not realise how, with just a little effort, their humble printed property details can become a highly effective promotional aid that actively entices buyers.

Many people selling houses in the UK go down the traditional route of simply listing their property with a local estate agent. They then leave all of the marketing and promotion in the hands of the professionals – after all that’s the agent’s job isn’t it? However the quality of sales particulars produced by estate agents varies widely, so it is in the vendor’s interests to ensure that the printed details given to prospective buyers are as effective as possible.

In most cases the estate agent’s fee will probably include some local advertising, listings on property websites or a photograph and summary details of your property in their shop window. Most estate agents will also produce a printed description of your property to give out to prospective purchasers. This will very often be in a pre-formatted standard template design.

A typical house buyer may cast their eye over hundreds of properties when searching for their next home, it is therefore important that your house stands out from the crowd. To have any chance of being noticed among the dozens of other similar properties for sale in your area or buyer’s price range, it is imperative that your property looks as appealing as possible when prospective buyers first see it on-line or in the estate agents window.

Capture the imagination:

Estate agents in the UK are of course legally bound by certain rules regarding the descriptive content within a property sales brochure, but it is the photographic content that usually lets the side down. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so ensure the photographs of your property are the best they can be. If your leading photograph is an exterior shot of the whole house then simple things like ensuring the frontage is tidy will make a world of difference to the overall impression, also try to take the photograph on a sunny day. If your house has a driveway or garage then leave the car off the parking space while the photograph is being taken, this will draw the buyer’s attention to the fact there is parking available rather than to what kind of car you drive. Additionally buyers will not be attracted by interior shots of kitchens with washing-up on show or scruffy laundry-strewn bathrooms – remember you’re selling a lifestyle – and they will not be enticed by photographs of houses taken at night with only pitch darkness visible through the windows.

To avoid such mistakes ensure your house is clean, tidy and well lit before the photographer arrives. If your estate agent visits at night time to list your property, ask him to come back during the day to take the photographs. You wouldn’t expect your estate agent to bring along ‘David Bailey’ to take photographs of your home, but if you feel your agent isn’t a good photographer and hasn’t captured the best possible image of your house, then find someone who is proficient and supply the photographs yourself.

One of the most common photographic errors is not keeping the printed details up-to-date; for example still using a photograph taken in winter with snow on the ground to sell a house in the middle of the summer. Perhaps the worst offence is an out-of-date photograph that shows flags in neighbouring windows taken during major sporting events – especially if the football word cup finished over a year ago! These kind of errors effectively ‘date’ your house and you could be giving buyers the impression that there must be something wrong with it to have been on the market for such a long time.

Retain the interest:

Once your beautifully presented property sales brochure has caught the buyer’s eye, it should then entice them to come and view your property. Apart from containing an accurate description (fixtures and fittings, room sizes, floorplan, tenure etc), your sales brochure gives you an ideal opportunity to tell prospective buyers all about your property’s unique benefits over other houses they may have viewed. You do not need to write a lengthy essay, but a few carefully chosen points in an opening paragraph that outlines your property’s attributes can quickly give the buyer a ‘feel’ for how your house could become their next dream home.

A small section on local amenities, highlighting local schools, shops and entertainment facilities can also go a long way to enticing a buyer to view your house.

In summary then, a well-designed sales brochure should firstly promote your property and attract the right buyers to view your house by capturing their imagination. Secondly it should be a tangible piece of informative literature that retains the buyers’ interest by answering many of their questions; highlighting the unique benefits of the property to make it stand out against the competition. Finally it should be kept up-to-date and underpin your whole marketing and sales campaign and complement any other marketing activities (such as advertisements or websites promoting your house for sale) by carrying the same sales message and clear, quality images.

Business Standards Followed by a Fast Property Sale Company

If you are interested in getting into a fast property sale you will need to take a look at some things that relate to the company that you are going to be dealing with. A good quick property sale company will be one that is going to work with a good series of business standards. Here are some of the things for you to take a look at.

You should look to see that a quick sale company is going to be able to work with a good communication process. The company should be able to get you to contact you within twenty-four hours of your initial request for services. After all, time is of the essence in a fast property sale.

A good company will also be able to work with direct communications with you by the phone. A company will never resort to communicating with you only by some kind of machine. A personal communication will be used to help you to get a good level of communication handled with a fast property sale company.

Another standard is that a company will be one that is going to be able to get plenty of communication with you handled. This is done in that the fast property sale process can be one that can take a week to take care of. A good process will be used to help you with getting a level of communication set up between you and the company that you are dealing with. This communication setup will be used to make it easier for you to be able to know what is happening.

The company should be able to communicate with you by both email and telephone. This is so you will get information on what is happening with your transaction at any time of the day. Having enough knowledge is important because you will want to be sure that you are going to be getting plenty of support for your sale. You will want to know that the sale is working properly so that you can continue with it over time.

The next business standard that a fast property sale company will offer will involve honesty when it comes to getting your cash offer handled. A company will work to tell you about what you are getting from your home as it is going to be offered to you. The amount of money that you can get will be a large one. Therefore, you should look to see that the amount of money that you are getting is one that is going to be large and helpful for your needs. Honesty will be needed for when you are going to be getting your cash offer.

The last standard is that a fast property sale company will help you to get information on every single part of the fast property sale process. Transparency is vital to the success of the transaction. You should look to see that you will understand every single step that is working in the entire fast property sale process.

Be sure to take a look at all of these business standards that a good company will be able to help you out with. These are standards that can help you to get a better sense of support and service for your sale. It will help for you to take a look at all of these standards in order to see that you are going to be getting a good deal out of your fast property sale experience.